This Post is Unhelpful

Lately, I’ve had no answers to anything. From small questions I have about how to fix my computer to bigger ones about problems in my personal life, I’ve had no major brainwaves or light bulb moments.

This way of thinking has made writing blog posts a lot more challenging than usual. I feel like whatever I write is going to turn out to be unhelpful and overly pessimistic. One of the main points of this blog is to help people, so I don’t want to write loads of posts that are like that. At the same time though, I want my posts to tell the truth, so writing anything with advice feels dishonest to me when I’m feeling so rubbish about life right now.

I usually feel like the things I write have to have some sort of moral at the end of them. This is hilarious seeing as I know NOTHING about life, but I guess it’s just my style. At the moment though, I have no morals or helpful things to say. I’m wondering whether I should start writing about things without resolving them at the end. I want to do this without looking like I’m constantly moaning about my life and being really negative, but can I?

That’s all I’ve got for today. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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