Messy Room Messy Mind

(Sidenote – this turned out a lot more pretentious than I meant it to. Lol.)

My room is a mess. Books are strewn across the desk, pyjamas have taken up permanent residence on my floor, and chocolate wrappers are poking out guiltily from every corner. Crowded cups stand on my shelves, probably whispering about the state of the room and the irresponsible owner who hasn’t cleaned it yet. Exhausted-looking T-shirts lounge on my bed, showing no signs of moving to the laundry basket anytime soon. I look around the room, refusing to see that this wreck of a bedroom is actually me.


The state of my bedroom reflects my state of mind. There’s little doubt about that. My brain becomes suffocated by possessions and struggles to spill out ideas when socks are in the way. To me, working in a messy room is like trying to work with four screaming children running about. At the end of the day, whatever I’ve made is going to look as messy as I’ve felt.


I need a blank canvas room. That way, I have something clean to splurge my ideas on so their colours don’t get mixed up. As long as my room stays in order while I work, I’ll get plenty done that day. Unfortunately, sometimes this is an unrealistic goal for me to set for my room. It has a tendency to get messy just before I’m about to start working. Or maybe I have a tendency to not tidy it up…

Either way, I have always worked in this bedroom. I’ve tapped out endless different combinations of words on this very same keyboard in this very same bedroom. Maybe it’s time for a rethink? I suppose I could start writing in places outside of my house. I could start writing in libraries and coffee shops, surrounded by the buzz of other people and the vibrancy of life. Would that be too loud for me? Would it even be possible with the large clunky weight of my laptop and social anxiety?

If you write outside the house, please let me know what it’s like (especially if you have social anxiety). Do you think it’s worth a try? Do you find the world distracting or inspiring? Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,






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